Time for High Point Market!

I have been posting projects lately on Instagram that feature pieces I found while visiting High Point Furniture Market. For instance, the project above came together when I found all of the furniture pieces a few markets back. This has brought on a lot of questions. Many readers are interested in what the market is or why we go. I thought I would share a brief snippet of what High Point Market is like.

To begin with, many people assume we are heading to a convention center, when in fact, HPMKT is 12.2 million square feet of showrooms, featuring over 2,000 manufacturers. This is where furniture companies and designers go to see and purchase the latest offerings. This Market is to the trade only and is not open to the public.

My favorite part about HPMKT is how energized and creative you feel afterwards. We go every Spring and Fall and each time I feel like I get a breathe of air. This showroom is one of my favorites every year.

I am so looking forward to finding items for my upcoming projects this season, just as I did with the above project. I found both the counter stools and dining chairs on a previous trip.

Have you been to HPMKT lately? If so, please share your favorite showrooms!


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